The "Friends and Foundation of the Northfield Public Library" (FFNPL) is a non-profit, community-based organization since 1983 that supports the Northfield Public Library. In cooperation with the Northfield Public Library, FFNPL supports early literacy programs, recruits volunteers, provides support for equipment in the Library such as computers and eBook readers, and organizes special events including fundraising trivia bees, concerts, speakers and book readings. 


- CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! We need volunteers to help pack up the library June 8-11. Go here for more information! Registration deadline for volunteers is May 15.

- Save the date: May 21, 5-7 PM, Hasta La Vista party to celebrate our library before the building closes and library staff and services move to City Hall for the remainder of 2015. Music, dancing, food! All are I nvited!

- Friends' annual membership drive, now through mid-July! 
We're getting ready to invite
former members to rejoin and new members to join in on the fun.  More information here. And thanks, Rachel and Naomi, for putting up the Friends' banner!
- The library improvement project is well underway, even as the library at 3rd and Washington remains as busy as ever.  Staff are packing, sorting and gearing up to move to City Hall for the during of the project.  For more information about the improvement project, the relocation and summer programs, look here.


We welcome your donations and membership in FFNPL and your support of the work we do for the benefit of our library.