Who Are We?
The Friends and Foundation of the Northfield Public Library (FFNPL) is a non-profit, community-based organization since 1983 that supports the Northfield Public Library. In cooperation with the Northfield Public Library, FFNPL supports early literacy programs, recruits volunteers, provides support for equipment in the Library such as computers and eBook readers, and organizes special events including fundraising trivia bees, concerts, speakers and book readings.

Friends' Update -- Save the Dates!


Before you get too caught up in the new school year, take a minute to add this to your calendar!

Annual Meeting of the Friends and Foundation of the Northfield Public Library (FFNPL)
2:00 pm, Sunday, September 25, 2022
Northfield Public Library

Special Guest Speaker:  Benjamin Percy

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Superheroes”

Benjamin Percy is the author of six novels -- most recently, The Unfamiliar Garden (William Morrow, 2022) -- as well as two short story collections and a book of essays. He currently writes Wolverine, X-Force, and Ghost Rider for Marvel Comics.

An active member of the FFNPL, Mr. Percy is delighted to speak to other members and support the library that has brought so much to his family and community.  We hope you’ll join us.

More details will be sent soon.   

The 2021 Annual Meeting with Cartoonist Kevin Cannon can be viewed at: 
(Kevin's talk begins at about minute 32:15)

Book bags for sale
at the library. 
Besides being perfect for carrying library books and other media, they are great for shopping, travel and, in a pinch, laundry. AND, they tell the world about our beautiful library! If you forget this bag when you go to the library, look for the Boomerang Bags, reusable, returnable cloth book bags. 


We welcome your donations and membership in FFNPL and your support of the work we do for the benefit of our library.

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