Friends and Foundation
of the
Northfield Public Library

Who Are We?

The Friends and Foundation of the Northfield Public Library (FFNPL) is a non-profit, community-based organization since 1983 that supports the Northfield Public Library. In cooperation with the Northfield Public Library, FFNPL supports early literacy programs, recruits volunteers, provides support for equipment in the Library such as computers and eBook readers, and organizes special events including fundraising trivia bees, concerts, speakers and book readings.

Two July Events

Wednesday, July 10, 6pm

Join us for the Mark Joseph concert Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm in Way Park. A community engagement activity will be conducted by the landscape architecture and urban design studio TEN x TEN to gain community input on planning the Library's exterior spaces.  See more details.

Thursday, July 11, 11am

Grand opening of the Oasis Patio and Mural Capstone

Goal Achieved!
Annual Campaign 2023:  Installation of full shades at Northfield Public Library

Help the Library beat the heat, glare and energy bills!

We did it.  Friends of the Northfield Public Library are amazing!  We again raised the necessary funds ahead of schedule, and so, thanks to the community's generosity, the library will soon have blinds for the upper course of twelve windows in the atrium of the Northfield Public Library. Because of the height of the windows, these blinds, unlike those on the lower course of windows, will need to be remote-controlled. With the installation of these blinds, Library staff will gain the capacity to control sunlight into the Atrium, allowing staff both to eliminate glare in these central public spaces throughout the year and, more importantly, to reduce dramatically the heat effects of the sunlight during Spring, Summer, and Fall. As a consequence, the load on the Library's HVAC will be substantially reduced, the energy costs of the facility will be significantly reduced, and the Library will become a more environmentally sustainable city facility. It's a Win, Win, Win for the Library and for Northfield!

2023 Trivia Bee winners with Bill North, the bee, and MC Jessica Peterson-White

2023 Trivia Bee winners with Bill North, the bee, and MC Jessica Peterson-White

Trivia Bee a Great Success

This year's Trivia Bee brought together 24 teams, a stunning heads or tails competition, and an overtime finish with ad hoc questions.

Friends of the Northfield Public Library present a check to Natalie Draper, Director.

Furnishing the Library Oasis

Gary Miessler, Pam Tidona, and Lynne Young presented Natalie Draper with a check for over $15,000 as the first payment for furnishings for the Library Oasis. (March 30, 2023)


We welcome your donations and membership in FFNPL and your support of the work we do for the benefit of our library.


Book bags for sale at the library. Besides being perfect for carrying library books and other media, they are great for shopping, travel and, in a pinch, laundry. AND, they tell the world about our beautiful library! If you forget this bag when you go to the library, look for the Boomerang Bags, reusable, returnable cloth book bags.