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Wednesday, July 10, 6pm

Join us for the Mark Joseph concert Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm in Way Park. A community engagement activity will be conducted by the landscape architecture and urban design studio TEN x TEN to gain community input on planning the Library's exterior spaces.  

This press release from the library provides some more details:

Northfield Public Library announces vision planning efforts for climate resiliency and accessibility

Northfield, MN (July 3, 2024)—

The Northfield Public Library (NPL), with support from the Friends and Foundation of the NPL, is seeking input to inform a vision plan for what the future of the library’s grounds could be during its Mark Joseph concert on July 10 starting at 6 p.m. in Way Park located at 701 1st Street West.

This is the first of three community engagement events that will be held. The library is working with TEN x TEN, a landscape architecture and urban design studio in Minneapolis. TEN x TEN will be on site during the concert to gather input on how the community would like to be able to use the library’s exterior spaces. 

“Working collaboratively, we hope to create a vision plan for the library that includes solving current site issues such as erosion, tree loss, drainage, and accessibility, while also creating more inviting, programmable exterior spaces that meet the needs of the community,” stated, Natalie Draper, library director. “Increasing the ecological performance of the site will also help meet the city’s sustainability goals.”

Impacts of climate change can be seen on the library’s site. Heavy rainfall over the past few weeks caused the elm tree on 3rd Street to tip over, damaging the roots. It, along with a linden tree shading the west patio, are marked for removal. Added to that, an ash tree at the bottom of the steps on Division Street is being treated for emerald ash borer, which may eventually need to be removed. Evidence of considerable erosion can be seen in the amount of soil washed down the Division Street steps with each rainfall. Frost heaving has already caused the concrete walkways leading from Washington Street to the library to crack and shift.

In addition to addressing these impacts, the vision plan seeks to reduce labor expenses and water use by minimizing or eliminating lawn, reducing pavement where feasible and shading the space as much as possible to diminish summer heat accumulation. Additional goals include, improving access to and from the building, increasing ADA-accessible patio spaces to accommodate visitors of all ages and abilities, making the unused spaces more functional for community use, and addressing stormwater handling on site to reduce the amount of stormwater running into the river.

Thursday, July 11, 11am

Grand opening of the Oasis Patio and Mural Capstone

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